Rave Reviews

The Words of Others…

Hear what a few of the many raving fans have to say about the benefits they experienced as a result of classes at Chesterton Martial Arts & Fitness with Don & Kim Johnson. For nearly 20 years now, hundreds of people like you, with families like yours, have shared how their participation in classes have enabled them to have fun, lose weight, get fit, improve their self esteem and self respect, improve their discipline, brought families closer together, actually saved their life, and much more.  We wish we would have written them all down.  Even better, we wish we had their words on video! So we’ve finally started collecting them to share. If you are already in our classes, please share your results with us. If you are just beginning, hear what others have to say so you know what you can look forward to experiencing for yourself!

“Kim, because of your example and words of encouragement 15 years ago, fitness has been a major part of my life ever since.  I lost 30 lbs and I feel great.  I started teaching classes and love it.  Thank you so  much!” 

“All week at work I look forward to Kim’s weekend Zumba classes!”

“I started dancing with Kim six months ago, and I’ve lost 40 lbs.  I love shopping for new clothes!”

“Since I started dancing with Kim, I’m just happier.  My whole life is better.”

“After hearing Kim give a few tips on eating better, my energy has increased.  Of course, I feel even better when we are dancing!”

“I’ve been to Zumba classes in lots of places and Kim is the best.  I never feel crowded because the room is so large and open.  The matts are easier on my knees.  The mirrors make it easy to see Kim’s lead.   The sound system rocks.  And most of all, I love Kim’s smile, enthusisam, and words of encouragement in every class.”

“Kim’s Zumba classes are a workout.  Fun, and a workout too!”

“Every other place I’ve been the classes were only 45 minutes.  That extra 15 minutes in Kim’s 1 hour classes make a big difference in my calorie count.”

“I’ve never had so much fun, and sweat so much at the same time.  Kim is awesome!”

“I love Kim’s classes.  She changes the music and songs every month so I never get bored :)”

“Kim is easy to follow.  It takes a few classes to learn some of the new songs, but her cues help me learn a lot faster.”

“Kim’s enthusiasm is contageous.  Coffee wakes me up for Saturday morning Zumba, but then Kim energizes me!”

“I love Kim’s choreography.  There’s just the right mix of music and moves, from Latin to Hip Hop.  It keep the class challenging and fun.”

“Kim is not only is the best instructor in the area, her classes are the most affordable!”

“I’ve dropped 4 dress sizes since I started Kim’s classes earlier this year!”

“I want to be able to show off my belly too!  I know if I just keep coming to Kim’s classes, I’ll get there.”

“I love that Kim posts her classes online.  Now I can dance at home too!”

“I have more fun in class when I know the choreography.  I use Kim’s online videos to practice when nobody is watching :)”

“I was worried that I would feel lost.  I actually was surprised that I felt comfortable in Kim’ class, and I know it will be even more fun as I get better.”

“I”m not a dancer.  I was pleased that Kim’s classes were not too dancy.  I was able to pick up most of the moves the first class.  I’m definately coming back.”

“I was a little uncomfortable the first few classes since I’m overweight and not very coordinated, but Kim encouraged me and said I can stand toward the back if that makes me feel more comfortable.  Now that I’ve been here a few times, I love it!”

“I kind of hid in the back row last year, now I love being right up front close to Kim to show off my moves :)”

“Kim’s Kardio Kickboxing is the best, fun workout I’ve ever done.  Her energy and intensity is amazing.  The music is great.  I’ve never sweat so much in an hour!”

“I was worried about holding pads while someone kicked them in Kim’s Kickboxing class, but Kim teaches you how to hold the pad and it doesn’t hurt at all.  It’s all workout, no worries.”